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Monsoon Appeal

Update on our Monsoon Relief Aid at 30th November 2017.

It is with thanks to the many wonderful donors and especially  to our NLT UK  office and supporters that our relief aid request has been fully realised. 10 families can happily start to rebuild their lives again after their homes were completely washed away.

We are hugely grateful to all who have contributed  to our Monsoon Relief Aid appeal, Vera. 30th November 2017.


This is to provide houses for 10 families whose earthquake-damaged homes have been totally destroyed in the current monsoon. €15,000 will provide housing for the worst affected families in the remote village of Inarwaha, Dhanusha district.

We have been working with the inhabitants of Inarwaha to improve their water and sanitation and hygiene (WASH) needs and their weak housing structures since the earthquakes of 2015. These basic supports help in reducing the spread of preventable waterborne diseases and support the inhabitants to live healthier lives. All this was before the extremely heavy monsoon rains arrived, their needs are now even greater.

There are 190 inhabitants in Inarwaha including  82 children under the age of 14 years.

Children in Inarwaha village. 2017
Children in Inarwaha village. 2017

Please continue to support this project:  to provide much needed homes for 10 of the worst effected families in this village who are now in urgent need of shelter.

NLT’s Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital & Services Centre is well placed to offer immediate support through its network of 101 community Self Help Groups operating in monsoon-hit districts. Click to donate