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A time for everything

The terrible earthquake seems to have passed, so life is beginning to return back to normal for the survivors.  It is reported that Kathmandu is now 3 metres south of where it was before the recent events.

Nights have been sleepless, filling many with fear, but communities have come together. Sheltering in open spaces and caring for the elderly and infirm together.

The human spirit is strong, life and hope re-emerge.

Health education continues at the Self Care Centre of Lal Gadh hospital, with the class being held outside on the grass for fear of after shocks…

self care centre health education class

Increase in patient numbers

The Nepal Leprosy Trust hospital in Lalgadh, south eastern Nepal reached its highest recorded number of patients with 601 outpatients on Sunday 12th October – 58 leprosy and 543 general.  This is very good news as there still remains a reluctance to present with leprosy related symptoms due to the associated stigma.

Busy OPD over600patients_Sun12Oct2014_loRes

These continuously increasing numbers suggest a wonderful increasing visibility and drawing power of LLSC’s hospital services under the Good Lord’s hand and with its reputation for low cost (or free) high quality caring clinical diagnostics and patient treatment  – things that characterise compassionate Christian care.  Perhaps you could  spare a thought or a prayer for the stretched Out Patient Dept (and In Patient Dept) staff, especially the doctors, nurses and paramedics who battle through the pressures of these huge numbers each day, willingly and caringly despite the present uncomfortable heat.

Queuing for treatment in Out Patient Dept, Lalgadh Leprosy Services Centre, Nepal
Queuing for treatment in Out Patient Dept, Lalgadh Leprosy Services Centre, Nepal