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Where no doctor has trod before…

An outreach adventure where no doctor has trod before….

WAY UP in the mountains of Sindhuli District our medical team visited Kalika School and its Tamang community, where we’d promised to do an awfully-needed health check-up on the children.

Simply lovely children-Dr Krishna Lama begins his clinical examinations.
Dr Krishna Lama begins his clinical examinations.


Say Ahhhhhh...
Say Ahhhhhh…

Our team included 2 doctors, a nurse, our Support Services Manager and courageous driver. As well as the children, we wanted to check on progress with the water supply pipe and the building work we are supporting for a new school to replace the present earthquake-damaged building.

The arduous 4-5 hour trip from Lalgadh Hospital climbs hair-raising roads and tracks. Then there’s a 1½ hour steep up-and-down walk. No wonder no doctor nor “whitey” has ever been there before. But we have built a wonderfully warm relationship with this Tamang community, not least because some of the team members – Dr Krishna Lama, Meena and Suman – are Tamang too.

Over an hour on precipitous hair-raising tracks.
Over an hour’s drive on hair-raising tracks.


The arduous climb to Kalika School.
Then the arduous climb to Kalika School.

We found and treated lots of skin infections, especially impetigo and scabies; malnutrition, and throat, ear and eye infections.  Almost none of the children has been vaccinated; that must wait for another visit.

Mothers wanted to be examined also.
Mothers also wanted to be examined.


Hooray!.... Toothpaste and toothbrushes.
Hooray!…. Toothpaste and toothbrushes.

We also caught up with 9 year-old Sarita with burns and damaged limbs whom we met last year. With the support of Gudri – our Footwear Dept Manager and  his team Sarita can now run and walk, and climb…. and even dance – Tamang dances.

Sarita walking.
Sarita walking.

When our steering failed on the return trip, a wonderful Mangar family invited us to their home for rice & dhal.  They begged us to help their community’s schoolchildren as well as the Tamang children higher up. We also found 3 unregistered leprosy patients.

Back home to Lalgadh hospital at 1am. What an adventure!

With thanks to Dr Graeme Clugston for this extract and the photos.

If you would like to read more on any stories covered please contact us at We would be delighted to share more with you.

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Craft sales also taking place in Limerick between now and Christmas, will post dates closer to the events.

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HOPE: It’s not just a buzzword

Article and photos by Sarah Winterburn.


Late one evening in July, I found myself descending rapidly in an airplane over the Kathmandu valley. The city looked totally unlike any I had seen before. Walking out onto the heated street, the life of the place struck me. People everywhere. No surface seemed untouched. As I travelled south, rural farmland replaced crowded cityscape – rice paddies and dirt tracks.

How did I end up here? After a lifetime of hearing stories about Nepal from my parents, who spent the first years of their married lives there, I had been given the opportunity to visit. I would be staying at Lalgadh Hospital – the busiest leprosy hospital in the world – set up by Nepal Leprosy Trust (NLT), a Christian organisation inspired by Jesus’ compassion to serve the poor and sick. Their aim is to empower those affected by leprosy and other disadvantaged people.

Leprosy destroys the life of a patient both physically and socially, so NLT focuses on two primary aspects of the rehabilitation. First, they must deal with the physical illness… Read the full article here

WASH and RECLAIM Project review

WASH project visit, by the outreach team at Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital, to Sinoorjhoda village on 10th April 2016.

WASH, April2016. Photo Hem Pradhan
WASH, April2016. Photo Hem Pradhan

RECLAIM Project Evaluation Team at Bhaktipur Self Help Group, Sarlahi district. 6th April 2016.

RECLAIM Project April 2016. Photo Hem Pradhan
RECLAIM Project April 2016. Photo Hem Pradhan

Our community outreach team from Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital Services Centre make regular visits to the rural villages to review  and evaluate the ongoing projects.

These meetings usually take place in the shade of a large tree which is often positioned in the centre of the village.


Dr Graeme honoured in Australia Day honours

Congratulations to our very own Dr Graeme Clugston, Medical Director at Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital, Nepal.

Dr Graeme has been awarded AO ‘for distinguished service to medicine, and to the international community of Nepal, particularly to people with leprosy, and to global health and nutrition’…

In the Australia Day Honours 2016 under the Order of Australia, Officer (AO) in  the General Division.

Dr Graeme, smiling, as always.
Dr Graeme, smiling, as always.
Dr Graeme and his wife Nurse Meena
Dr Graeme and his wife Meena

Extract from ABC news service:

‘The Australia Day 2016 honours list recognises more than 800 Australians across a wide range of professions and industries, from all states and territories.

Often, the best thing about the awards is the way they shine a spotlight on those who quietly do remarkable things to assist others.

Dr Graeme Clugston is a great example.

Clugston is the Medical Director at the very busy Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital in southern Nepal.

The hospital where he works is one of the world’s busiest leprosy hospitals’. RN Breakfast.

Listen to a podcast of Dr Graeme’s interview with Fran Kelly on RN Breakfast.


Happy New Year 2016

A huge thank you for all your wonderful support during 2015.             It has been a challenging year for everyone in Nepal. Our colleagues in Lalgadh have sent us on this lovely photo and greeting.

Community outreach teams and medical staff, Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital Dec 2015
Community outreach teams and medical staff, Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital Dec 2015


‘Striving to shine the Christmas Light of love, compassion, help and healing all year round to the desperately needy in the Himalayan heights and foothills of Nepal – that’s the “strive” of Nepal Leprosy Trust – Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital and Services Centre (NLT/LLSC) during 2015.

It’s been a struggle with earthquakes, floods (of leprosy and needy patients), landslides, delivering emergency relief – food, warmth and shelter – to thousands of hungry destitute remote mountain-area families, hindered and blocked by strikes, political violence, busy busy hospital work, helping sick children, and collapsed schools, and always more and more leprosy and sick poor needy patients, young and old ….

Striving to reach out all year with that Christmas Light and flame of compassion and love, bringing healing, wholeness, help, survival, restoration, to many thousands – leprosy affected, and other poor, needy and marginalised folks.

All enabled by heart-warming encouragement, support, prayers and partnership of caring generous churches and dear friends and noble organisations … All of us working together bringing this Light to the desperately needy and sick in this poor dark difficult (but beautiful) Himalayan part of the world.

Christmas love and greetings to you all’  from Dr Graeme Clugston, Medical Director at Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital and Services Centre.

Relief aid continues

We got great news this morning 12th December 2015: our hospital in Nepal have received some diesel fuel and are already on the road delivering much needed earthquake relief aid again. See more below.

Basheswar school, Class 1, Dec. 2015.
Basheswar school, Class 1, Dec. 2015.
Basheswa temporary school for Class 5, with the teacher.
Basheswa temporary school for Class 5, with the teacher.

BasheswaClass 5 students - in their tent classroom

‘The strike, political violence and blockages have tragically prevented most relief work in Nepal for the last 3 months. Now the Himalayan winter is here – it’s cold and getting colder. Yesterday (Thursday 10 Dec), by some extraordinary means, we got some diesel-fuel – enabling us to resume urgent earthquake relief work. 

The fuel enabled us to go yesterday up over the Sindhuli mountains to (a) visit some earthquake affected schools we’ve been waiting/wanting to assist, and (b) deliver 800 blankets to 2 very poor earthquake-devastated communities.

Facts: – remember? – the massive earthquakes earlier this year … wrecked most of Nepal’s schools – 48,000 classrooms destroyed or damaged, 20,000 classrooms requiring demolition and reconstruction, 999,000 students out of school, another 440,000 students affected adversely …that was the immediate impact of the earthquakes in April, May and the subsequent 408 aftershocks up till today (24 November)’.

Thank you to Dr Graeme for the update and for the lovely photos. Well done and safe travelling.