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Why New Shoes for Nepal?

Imagine having no feeling in your feet. You step on a stone, a piece of glass, a splinter, and the silent damage is done: tissue infection or muscle injury, leading to blood poisoning and eventually lameness. Leprosy, which destroys nerve endings, can cause such damage if left untreated. And in parts of Nepal where the disease persists, poor – or absent – footwear can make every step risky.

A simple pair of shoes makes all the difference.

At Lalgadh Leprosy Services Centre in south-eastern Nepal, shoes are custom-made for leprosy patients. Each pair of canvas shoes, reinforced with microcellular rubber, costs from just over €4 and allows the wearer to move on in life, literally, using what’s probably the only transport available: their feet.

In the year 2015  to 2016, more than 2,500 pairs of shoes were made for patients, preventing further foot deformities. If we could raise €5,000 another 1,250 people’s feet could be saved from unnecessary discomfort this autumn and winter.

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