Eileen Lodge
Eileen Lodge
founder of nlt

Nepal Leprosy Trust (NLT) was established in 1972 in Kathmandu, by Eileen Lodge, who had worked in Nepal with those affected by Leprosy since the early 1950s.

Today NLT has three parts:

1. An indigenous Nepali organisation governed by Nepali professionals, employing and supporting about 170 people in Nepal.

2. In the UK  there is a supporting registered charity.

3. In Ireland there is a similar supporting registered charity.

Both NLT UK and NLT Ireland serve NLT Nepal through raising funding, publicity, craft sales, child sponsorship for education and administration.

The three parts of NLT work together and our attitude is inspired by Jesus’ compassion to serve the poor and sick, we are inclusive and happily work with all to reduce stigma and in-equality. We seek to empower those affected by leprosy and other disadvantaged people.

Expenses in the UK and Ireland are low as most of the work is done by volunteers and free office space is provided.

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