Relief aid continues

We got great news this morning 12th December 2015: our hospital in Nepal have received some diesel fuel and are already on the road delivering much needed earthquake relief aid again. See more below.

Basheswar school, Class 1, Dec. 2015.
Basheswar school, Class 1, Dec. 2015.
Basheswa temporary school for Class 5, with the teacher.
Basheswa temporary school for Class 5, with the teacher.

BasheswaClass 5 students - in their tent classroom

‘The strike, political violence and blockages have tragically prevented most relief work in Nepal for the last 3 months. Now the Himalayan winter is here – it’s cold and getting colder.¬†Yesterday (Thursday 10 Dec), by some extraordinary means, we got some diesel-fuel – enabling us to resume urgent earthquake relief work.¬†

The fuel enabled us to go yesterday up over the Sindhuli mountains to (a) visit some earthquake affected schools we’ve been waiting/wanting to assist, and (b) deliver 800 blankets to 2 very poor earthquake-devastated communities.

Facts: – remember? – the massive earthquakes earlier this year … wrecked most of Nepal’s schools – 48,000 classrooms destroyed or damaged, 20,000 classrooms requiring demolition and reconstruction, 999,000 students out of school, another 440,000 students affected adversely …that was the immediate impact of the earthquakes in April, May and the subsequent 408 aftershocks up till today (24 November)’.

Thank you to Dr Graeme for the update and for the lovely photos. Well done and safe travelling.

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