Relief Aid Still Needed

Don’t forget Nepal – many thousands still need food and shelter.

As the world’s attention has sadly moved away from Nepal and its massive earthquake disaster 3 months ago, there are still hundred’s of thousands still in need of basic food, blankets, tarpaulins and shelter-building materials.

Syaule_Sindhupalchowk22nd August

Relief has still not reached many remote communities. They need this help to survive through the current monsoon with its rainfall and landslides, and then the cold Himalayan winter in the coming months.

The Nepal Leprosy Trust (NLT) has a particular advantage in carrying out this urgent earthquake relief work. Being a Nepali NGO with a trusted reputation, NLT has been able to get access to remote difficult areas where government relief has not reached, and other agencies – even the big ones – are unable or unwilling to go.

Thank you for the worldwide support we have received to date. Here is a summary of emergency relief delivered by NLT so far: 

– 6,925 families provided with relief 

– 38,452 people provided with relief 

-276.8 tons of relief delivered

Relief materials: rice, lentils (dal), oil, salt, sugar, warm blankets, and quilts, Tarpaulins, Building materials (zinc sheets) for shelters.

Photos below  show the delivery of ‘zinc sheets’ (galvanised corrugated iron) to communities in Syaule VDC in Sindhupalchowk District in northern Nepal, not far from the Tibetan border.

Each family receives 14 zinc sheets – enough for a total shelter – (very heavy – each sheet weighs 9.25 Kg). Try carrying that on your head.  

Extract and images  from an update by Dr Graeme Clugston, Medical Director, NLT’s Lalgadh Leprosy Services Centre, 22nd August.

Syaule_Sindhupalchowk Syaule VDC in Sindhupalchowk Syaule,Sindhupalchowk

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