Earthquake strikes again

As you might have heard by now, another massive earthquake, of magnitude 6.8 magnitude (by a Nepal source) and 7.3 (US Geographical Survey), hit Nepal, with the epicenter in Namche Bazaar near Everest. About 100 people have died, and about 1,200 have been injured.

All NLT staff and families are fine.

Things had eventually gotten back to normal, but this has brought back the terror once again. Most of the houses which were cracked from the previous earthquakes, have collapsed, including some staff village houses.

In KTM they were working in the office when the quake struck. They immediately rushed outside to the road and to the open fields in front of the office.

Some of the NLT staff, including Maya, Juju, Yakub and Din, through their church, had gone to Malta, a village 45 kilometers south from NLT office, to distribute relief materials to the affected people there. The earthquake struck right in the middle of that. They shared that some houses collapsed right in front of them. Later the office was closed as everyone wanted to know about their families and houses. So far we haven’t heard about anyone injured.



You can see Jakub on the lorry.

Thank you very much for your prayers, and please do continue to pray for Nepal as all the people are very fearful.

Pray for the peace of God to fill their hearts.


Mike Winterburn

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