Earthquake relief for Sindhuli district, Nepal

We have just received news from Nepal that one of the hilly districts that we serve in, Sindhuli, has announced an emergency relief call:

The team has informed us that currently the reported casualties and deaths from Sindhuli district are comparatively few with number of 12 deaths, 100 injured and 6 casualties. However there are 10,420 houses destroyed and 1,638 partially damaged houses in Sindhuli. Diarrhoea disease outbreaks are already occurring.

If you would like to contribute towards the relief operation that will provide food, tents and medicine please make a donation on our website at: and state Earthquake relief for Sindhuli district in the comment option.

The cost of the relief is budgeted at $131,660.

If you would like more details please contact

Many thanks

Mike Winterburn, Chairman NLT Ireland.

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