It is more blessed to give than to receive

‘It is more blessed to give than to receive’ Acts 20:35

Wonderful article on the benefits of giving, specifically in relation to research undertaken in the village communities supported by NLT in Lalgadh, by Prof. Orla Muldoon in the Irish Times today.

Thank you to all our supporters who contribute to this empowering work, from all in NLT.

Dhumaura village people in south-eastern Nepal, January 2018

Extract from Irish Times article:

The most useful help

In our own research with very poor communities in Nepal, we have found that the most useful help is the type of help that comes from within communities for the community. In these studies, in collaboration with Kathmandu University and Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital and Service Centre, help that builds people’s sense of their village or communities’ own ability to respond to serious challenges, which in these examples have included major earthquakes and leprosy, really deliver.

Our research shows that the very poor and the very marginalised, those living with leprosy – such as widowed women and Dalits – benefit enormously from participation in co-operatives. The small amount of money earned from working in the co-operative is of course important. Equally important is that the money is earned often after learning a new skill such as felting or crotchet. So the crafters see themselves as workers earning their payment, rather than as a charity case. And finally it would appear that the social participation in everyday life that crafters enjoy as a consequence of their new employment is central to their feeling less stigmatised and marginal in their own villages.

So as the BandAid song suggests ‘Throw your arms around the world at Christmas time’. You’ll feel the better for it.

Orla Muldoon is professor of psychology at University of Limerick. 

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If you are a bit financially embarrassed this Christmas, maybe you could offer some time in support of a favoured relative, cause or carol service. Photograph: PA. Irish Times