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Nepal Ireland Day 2019, Farmleigh House, Dublin

We had a wonderful day on Sunday 7th September as we celebrated Nepal Ireland Day 2019 in Farmleigh House, Dublin.

We danced and sang in the Nepalese and Irish traditional style. Both nationalities are warm, open and celebrate in similar ways. Food also plays a celebratory role in these occasions although there are differences in the type of food. However Irish cuisine is generally  rapidly changing and becoming much more international, with the inclusion of lots of variety in spices and rices.

During the afternoon at Farmleigh House we were able to talk to the public about our mission. We also had the opportunity to sell our beautiful handicrafts, which are made by the artisans we know and work with in Nepal.

Many thanks to the many wonderful organisers, with special thanks to all at Nepal Ireland Society, Nepal Tourism and Embassy of Nepal London

Thanks to R. Thomas for the photos.

Emergency Flood Relief

Call for Emergency Flood Relief Aid, please support.

The heavy rain and flooding in Nepal over the last few weeks, due to the Monsoon, has not really reached our ears as we bask in summer temperatures of around 23 degrees here in Ireland.

We have received news from our Nepal colleagues that 78 houses in the Terai district have been totally damaged due to constant rain and flooding. 74 houses have been partially damaged. The following images are of families we support in Manara Village, whose homes have been destroyed.

Manara Village, collapsed home July 2019


Manara Village, collapsed roof on home.July2019


Manara Village, home about to collapse July 2019

Manara is one of villages which is part of our  Village Alive Programme  supported by Irish Aid.

Our work is focused in the Terai district of Nepal and so this is unsettling for us. Some of our village Self Help Group (SHG) members’ homes have been destroyed and damaged. Our SHG members support, encourage and assist other villagers who are struggling. They are a lifeline in the community.

If you would like to contribute towards rebuilding these homes, please make a donation here  and state Flood Relief Aid.

Collapsed bridge close to Lalgadh Hospital. PhotoCredit-unknown.13.7.2019
Collapsed bridge near Lalgadh Hospital. PhotoCredit-unknown


All Nepal Leprosy Trust staff, their families and all patients are fine.

If you would like more detail, please contact Vera at

Nepal-Ireland Day, Farmleigh, 8th September 2019

Nepal-Ireland Day,  Farmleigh, 8th September 2019

Save the date: the forthcoming Nepal-Ireland Day is on 8th September 2019 in Farmleigh, Phoenix Park, Dublin. Time from 11am – 5pm.

This is a family day free of charge, a day of cultural events from both Nepalese and Irish artists.

Nepal Ireland Day 2019


Nepal-Ireland Day 2018 in Farmleigh. Image courtesy of Alison Irwin.


Nepal- Ireland Day Farmleigh 2018. Photo courtesy of Alison Irwin


Happy Easter 2019

Wishing all our friends and supporters a very blessed Easter 2019.

Lalgadh hospital photos this week from Dr Graeme.

‘As Easter Thursday (“Maundy Thursday”) approaches the daily foot-washing & foot-soaking that we do with our leprosy patients, becomes even more significant. We recall Jesus washing his disciples feet on that Easter Thursday (John 13). It helps remind all of us staff at Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital to serve these leprosy-affected folks – children, adults, elderly, especially those marginalised and shunned by their families and communities – with love, care and compassion.’

Thank you to all the wonderful staff and patients in Lalgadh, wishing you all a wonderful Easter

Afternoon Tea Party, Straffan Village, Co Kildare

Happy Spring.

Join us on Saturday afternoon for Afternoon Tea Party , 2nd March 2019, from 4pm – 7pm. Indoors, in a beautiful home close to Straffan village, Co Kildare. A big thank you in advance to our host. Photo shows our last Afternoon Tea in 2014 as the rain started, can you believe it was almost 5 years ago. Contact Vera at for exact address details. All welcome.

Afternoon Tea Party 2014

Come along to hear our stories of these beautiful village people and about the Irish support which is so very valuable.

Village meeting 2018, photo by Mrs Sheelagh Gibson

It is more blessed to give than to receive

‘It is more blessed to give than to receive’ Acts 20:35

Wonderful article on the benefits of giving, specifically in relation to research undertaken in the village communities supported by NLT in Lalgadh, by Prof. Orla Muldoon in the Irish Times today.

Thank you to all our supporters who contribute to this empowering work, from all in NLT.

Dhumaura village people in south-eastern Nepal, January 2018

Extract from Irish Times article:

The most useful help

In our own research with very poor communities in Nepal, we have found that the most useful help is the type of help that comes from within communities for the community. In these studies, in collaboration with Kathmandu University and Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital and Service Centre, help that builds people’s sense of their village or communities’ own ability to respond to serious challenges, which in these examples have included major earthquakes and leprosy, really deliver.

Our research shows that the very poor and the very marginalised, those living with leprosy – such as widowed women and Dalits – benefit enormously from participation in co-operatives. The small amount of money earned from working in the co-operative is of course important. Equally important is that the money is earned often after learning a new skill such as felting or crotchet. So the crafters see themselves as workers earning their payment, rather than as a charity case. And finally it would appear that the social participation in everyday life that crafters enjoy as a consequence of their new employment is central to their feeling less stigmatised and marginal in their own villages.

So as the BandAid song suggests ‘Throw your arms around the world at Christmas time’. You’ll feel the better for it.

Orla Muldoon is professor of psychology at University of Limerick. 

Read the full article at:

If you are a bit financially embarrassed this Christmas, maybe you could offer some time in support of a favoured relative, cause or carol service. Photograph: PA. Irish Times


Lalgadh Hospital on Television

This Nepal TV programme shows a day in the busy life of and the various departments at Lalgadh hospital, interviewing medical, social and administration staff. Additionally government staff, community members and patients are also interviewed. 
The  program discusses the wonderful contemporary approach to its patient care. It explains that clients come mainly from the local Terai districts in Nepal and additionally from Bihar, India for medicines and medical care. The community work supporting leprosy patients living with the long term affects of leprosy are also discussed and explained as are the self help group and how they support each other.
The ethos is also briefly explained, mentioning that leprosy patients are all ordinary people like ourselves, and that the hospital staff serve from a sense of love, and we should even treat leprosy affected people like our own (family).
If you wish to find out more information on our work email

Shared from Bimba Prati’s Youtube account. Bimba Pratibimba is an informative Television program on Nepal Television since 2011, (2057BS in Nepal)

Craft Fair, The Hub, Peamount Hospital

It is the time of year again for sharing the joy and smiles from these guys. We have just just replenished our felt gnomes and batik cards from our Kathmandu workroom.

Took a few minutes for a quick photo while in our head office in Kathmandu, with Reshma on left and Maya on right.

Vera visits NLT Kathmandu November 2018

Come visit me in The Hub in Peamount Hospital, Newcastle, Co Dublin on Friday 30th November and Sunday 2nd December 2018.

Time:  Friday 10.00am -3.00pm Friday & Sunday 10.00am -5.00pm


Silver Anniversary of Lalgadh Church

November 1993 was the start of a new born church on the outskirts of Lalgadh Hospital. The church has grown many fold since that time and this week we celebrate with much joy,  its silver jubilee, 25 years.

Green celebration gift for NLT Nepal on the occasion of the silver anniversary of Lalgadh Church in 2018
Celebration gift, all the way from NLT Ireland on the occasion of the silver anniversary of Lalgadh Church.
Preparations for cutting the cake, Norman Meeten and Damber Aley
Silver Jubilee Lalgadh Church November2018

Many people visited Lalgadh Hospital this week for the celebrations, reminiscing, music, dance and of course good Nepali food and prayer. Lots of people were thanked for their spiritual and physical support and encouragement.  Norman Meeten, whose had been a wonder influence from the beginning spoke about ‘a church is not a building…it is inside each of us individually … we are the church’  and collectively as community we are the church. More photos and updates to follow.